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781 percent GROWTH IN 14 MONTHSEmpireDynamic ADX was launched as a response to the need for authenticity in the digital space. Marsha Wright, our President and Co-Founder, invested over 5,000 hours developing a very specific set of proprietary Twitter strategies that have catapulted her to being one of the most respected people in social media.

The 25 proprietary strategies and systematic processes have been duplicated in other brands that are owned by her and co-founder Simon Wright. They decided to quietly launch and build a 'Digital Exposure Network' to duplicate the results. It worked! No matter what niche... It worked!

EmpireDynamic ADX is our public personification giving brands the opportunity to leverage the strategies used internally to grow our own brands. No more, no less. We're committed to impacting the world and working with brands who feel the same.

Meet the team below:

Marsha Wright's media appearances...

Marsha Wright media appearances


Marsha Wright is a world-renowned TV Business Expert, International #1 Bestselling Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, Strategic Alliances Expert whose exploits include an ownership interest in a business portfolio spread globally in numerous industries. She has a significant and loyal fan base worldwide and her enterprises serve clients in no less than 20 countries.

Famed for her British no-nonsense approach, this Millenial CEO & President is a mastermind with exceptional and intriguing insights on income generation, asset attraction, building net-worth, sales & marketing strategy and brand-positioning; which are sought out by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leaders, executives and affluent clients all over the world.

Her media appearances have exposed her message to over millions of people, and her reach exceeds 40 countries. She appears regularly on news and radio programs internationally as a commentator on the economy, business, strategic alliances and crisis management to name a few (see the MEDIA PAGE for full interviews).

Marsha believes in the power of entrepreneurship to strengthen the economy, and works tirelessly to push this agenda in all of her endeavors.

At lightening speed she draws upon years of experience and knowledge of the workings of over 30 sectors, and retains a confederate of highly skilled experts and advisors who together make up over 300 years of business experience.

She is invaluable to audiences and to the discerning entrepreneurs, companies, and professionals who engage her insight to identify new opportunities and untapped strategies which may not be presently visible to them.

Having herself exceeded millions in sales, she single-handedly developed the Hyper-Accelerated Organic Growth strategies that assist corporations and organisations become #DirectToConsumer create exceptional results.

The school drop-out…

Marsha’s early life is a sharp contrast to her latter successes. Despite being a high school drop out, she has a particularly inspiring rags to riches story. Her early teens were spent living in children’s group homes after enduring multiple instances of sexual abuse from age eight. But that didn’t stop her insatiable appetite for significance and success. Early mentors believed in Marsha and that was a catalyst for change and the impetus for her present-day successes.

Marsha Wright was the underdog that kept fighting to survive; and that she has. Today she inspires the masses, and has mentored thousands of business owners, in what she calls “a deep desire to give back, because if I don’t I dishonor those who saw the diamond in me when I was completely submerged under the paradigm of my circumstances”.

She became a young entrepreneur starting her first 'real' business at 17 (although she started her entrepreneurial streak aged 7), and since has built and acquired an impressive portfolio of brands. Not stopping there, she has always placed a high priority to ‘give back’ and has invested in the success of others, including a commitment to philanthropy.

Simon-Wright-Business-Image-Small2SPECIALISM: Strategic Alliances & PARTNERSHIPS

Simon Wright is a professional connector, whose 10 years+ as an businessman has equip with an array of skills and expertise that add immense value to his companies and those of his Strategic Alliance Partners and clients. He graduated University – with a degree in Sociology – in London in 1999 and knew that he wanted to use his unusual way of thinking outside of the 9-5 employee environment.

Simon’s experience early on included radio broadcasting in London, which led him to being an adept and insightful Program Director from 2004 for the early-stage online radio shows that built the foundation of the Marsha Wright brand. This included Locations Uncovered, and Property Millionaire Radio both of which reached #1 on iTunes and garnered listeners from 40 countries.

In the midst of this, Simon co-founded a number of ventures some of which have been sold or licensed to other entrepreneurs.  He is also an author and advises clients on how to effectively collaborate to increase and preserve wealth, increase market share, leverage opportunities, and add value internally and externally.

Simon co-pioneered the concepts of Strategic Alliances since circa. 2004 with the idea of cross-site syndication of programming to increase distribution channels; and collaborative ventures to grow customer databases and increase revenue. Simon is considered internally to be a visionary ‘idea’s man’, he is passionate about what he believes in, yet maintains a pragmatic view of the world which makes him the voice of reason – whilst still maintaining an optimism and dogged determination that drives his vision of greatness to the fore.

He is passionate about Strategic Alliances and has been integral in the growth of a collaborative network exceeding 8,000 businesses throughout North America, Australia, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our Rainmaker Team

Specialism: Discovering & Nurturing In-House Talent

Jenny OwensOver the past 20 years Jenny cultivated her phenomenal people development skills. She has always been passionate about people, and seeing the diamond within her teams to develop their skills and transform their outputs.

As a heart-centered leader, her skills as a people developer and project coordinator have placed her as an invaluable manager for companies internationally.

Here at EmpireDynamic ADX we’re glad to have Jenny as our Talent Manager. She is in an integral position; managing the on-boarding of our rapidly expanding team, coordinating projects and training and supporting our Digital and Administrative teams.

Specialism: Content & Engagement

Tanya comes to EmpireDynamic ADX with a great deal of experience dealing with content and communications for a number of brands in North America.

Tanya's position as Head of Network Content lends her to having an immense amount of knowledge of our verticals and being acutely placed to decide the content direction for our in-house brand properties.

Tanya also consults on onboarding of clients with the content strategy that should be used to increase engagement and effectiveness.

Specialism: International Contract & Corporate Law

Grant SaggiGrant has years of experience protecting clients interests in the areas of Contract and Corporate Law, IP Law, In-House Opinion and Advisory, drafting, vetting, due diligence, reviewing and advising on various legal and commercial Contracts/Agreements.

He comes to EmpireDynamic ADX as in-house counsel and principle contracts attorney, helping to ensure that our agreements with clients, partners, sponsors etc. are fair, plain English and in the spirit of our discussions. Grant's international Law background covers contractual expertise throughout USA, Canada, Europe, UK and Australia.

Specialism: Building Digital Superfans

Lana is a super-positive part of our community engagement team. She reaches out to followers across our portfolio and helps to encourage high levels of engagement whilst winning followers to become super engaged followers and fans.


Hael has worked the past 6 years in SEO and consumer targeting for marketing firms in the US. He joins EmpireDynamic ADX in an integral position valuable to our in-house network, onboarding and ongoing work with our client family.

With Harvey on the team we can be super targeted when looking for specific audiences, and plan incredibly valuable content and demographic based campaigns for clients which allow them to have incredibly targeted organic narrowcasting without needing to tap into costly advertising campaigns.

Specialism: Community Growth

Amanda is a fantastic member of our international Community Growth team. She works closely with our strategy, targeting and content Rainmakers to execute the EmpireDynamic ADX proprietary strategies to grow  hyper-targeted organic communities quickly.

Specialism: Community Growth

Sandra is a new member of our team who has performed incredibly well as part of our international Community Growth team. She works closely with our strategy, targeting and content Rainmakers to execute the EmpireDynamic ADX proprietary strategies to grow hyper-targeted organic communities quickly.

Specialism: Consumer Targeting

Romano is passionate about targeting trends, analysing the value of big data and seeing trends in consumer social behaviour. Using proprietary strategies and intellectual property within EmpireDynamic ADX, Romano works passionately in the background to help us increase exposure and target specific interests groups on behalf of our clients.


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